Dienstag, 12. Mai 2015

About cross stitches

The first stitches I have ever made were at kindergarten. My Mum still has a book cover I have embroidered there. A little bit later, I got quite addicted to cross stitches. But there came the point where I didn't want to follow any patterns. That was the moment when I started "free" embroidery, about 25 years ago. But from time to time, I still do some cross stitches.

This model is from a kit. I can't even remember where and when I found it, but it's based on the work of the German illustrator Janosch. I added some finishing touches by putting the name, birth date and some borders and it became a present for a friend's baby boy.

When I came across this free pattern offered by Les Brodeuses Parisiennes, I couldn't resist, I had to stitch it for my friend Becky and her Vintage Fairy Tale Cottage. I adore her and her work.

This is the first real big one I made. I started it in maternity hospital, after having given birth to my son Jonas, who will turn 28 this summer, and I finished it right away.

This model and all the others below are from an old German magazine called Für Sie. Many years ago Für Sie published a special edition filled with patterns for babies and small kids. There were jumpers, pullovers, toys, these embroideries and much more.

This one has been been sleeping for years in a wardrobe. I also made it for my son. 

Well, and then there is always unfinished stuff, but I'll finish it once, promise...

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  1. Your cross stitch is MAGNIFICENT! I am so happy that you have posted so many beautiful pieces.....what a talent you are...how magical each stitch.
    I MISS YOU! Maybe next spring will see an opportunity for us to be together again.....xoxoxo